James and ‘Carmen’: star-crossed lovers on the dance floor

is it just me, or does our cousin James look incredibly comfortable with this tango dancer’s leg wrapped around him?


i think most 15-year-old boys would be dying of embarrassment. but James is too cool for that.


a delicious start to the day

Photo 208

if only every Thursday morning could start this way:

a sunken jacuzzi bathtub, orange juice and coffee on a tray, and National Public Radio.

(in the master suite at Noa Noa Lofts, Palermo Hollywood)

we’re BA-ACK…

… but not in a creepy way.
Wordpress has been malfunctioning quite a lot in recent weeks, and we’ve been traveling too, but now we’re settled again, both physically and technologically.

stay tuned.

Casa L’inc

and here is an image of the more recent project by Casa L’Inc – a live mural painting by various cartoonists and graphic artists.


Bridget interviewed that middle chap, Ricardo Liniers, for her new book. like his pants.

the latest window venture

here’s some images (courtesy of mom) of my most recent window, in a leather shop in Palermo:



more to come soon, luck willing!

champagne for breakfast

sunday brunch at Olsen to celebrate my completion of the drafts of the LP book.


hmm, cool wallpaper in the ladies room…


and then there was this tiny pup waiting outside.


checking in: hotel chile

laura, mark, james & andrew are coming to buenos aires for five days in march! this morning we went to check out the Hote Chile on Avenida de Mayo to see if this suite would suffice.

the building is actually an architectural landmark.


on the way upstairs in the tiny elevator..


the view from the suite’s balcony: the stunning Palacio Barolo!


and the cafe next door. yep, lots o’ local character.